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Actor and filmmaker Adnan Sarwar – who last directed Motorcycle Girl and also played a brief role in it – has recently shared that he aims to make three films by the end of year 2020.

During an exclusive conversation with Instep, Adnan revealed that he is currently working on three different movie scripts and he plans to release them one by one by the end of next year.

“I am working on a couple of films at the same time,” Adnan said when asked what’s next on his plate. “I am basically scheduling a bunch of releases up until 2020. I have signed a couple of them with different genres; one is near completion. I want to work from today until the end of 2020 and release three films.”

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Adnan made his film debut with a biopic Shah in 2015, his next venture was the path-breaking film Motorcycle Girl which was the life story of Pakistan’s first female motorcyclist – Zenith Irfan – played by Sohai Ali Abro. Both of these films were based on real-life personalities, so it is welcoming news that the filmmaker is now exploring different genres.

Adnan added that at the moment they are in the scheduling phase; some scripts are finalized and they are looking for actors while others are yet to be written.