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Abdullah Siddiqui has most certainly made his place in the music industry. From releasing two unique albums back to back to now singing Peshawar Zalmi’s official anthem Kingdom, he proves that he’s here to rule.

“So honored to have produced and performed this year’s anthem for Peshawar Zalmi alongside Altamash Sever. This was an incredible journey,” shared Abdullah on social media.



Kingdom features the team’s brand ambassadors Mahira Khan and Turkish star Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan along with actors Hania Aamir and Ali Rehman.

Produced to meet international standards, the song is creative, cool, catchy, and contagious; a great example of a perfect audio-visual presentation.

Abdullah is undoubtedly Pakistan’s electronic music genius and the visuals by Hassan Dawar are praiseworthy nonetheless. The cricketers in the video are full of motivation and ready for the battle ahead.



The anthem is an interesting mix of electronic music and heavy rock vocals. Kingdom, in fact,  is the kind of song that you will connect to even if you aren’t a cricket or PSL fan. However, there is a certain debate over the English lyrics that the masses might not be able to connect to or comprehend.

Having said that, we feel music is a universal language, and the energy and beat of the song will speak to everyone! “Give it up for the kingdom!”


Watch the complete song below: