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Pakistani music industry was going through a rough patch due to lack of avenue for upcoming artists to pursue music as a career. However, the newer generation has even embraced the lack of opportunities and made their way out successfully. One such big name is Abdullah Qureshi; his songs were in the top 3 spots on the charts of Patari Music last year and have also won our hearts.

The singer recently released another soft ballad titled Fasana and his fans are delighted. Starring Abdullah Qureshi, Emaan Khan and Roohi Kashfi, the song tells the tale of two individuals who were deeply in love but eventually went their separate ways.

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Directed beautifully by Hamza Farooq, the video contains shots like vlogs that shows the couple’s everyday lives. However, in contrast, it also shows an empty building which is under construction, symbolizing empty spaces in one’s life.




Composed and written by Abdullah, Fasana is a soulful and soothing number which is bound to melt your hearts. The video is breathtakingly beautiful and has a homely feel.

You can watch the video here: