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The latest installment of Aangan that aired yesterday night was a visual treat for many who were eagerly waiting for Ahsan Khan’s re-entry and Mawra Hocane, Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s appearances. A welcome change was that finally the story is leading the drama rather than individual characters. The period tale has started taking shape with family politics taking a backseat and budding romances taking center stage. And yes, lead character Mawra (Aliya) has been introduced in the play as Mazhar’s youngest along with Hira Mani (Tehmina) as her elder sister.

What takes the cake is Sajal Aly’s acting prowess as Chammi. Though overdramatic at times, the romance between Jamil (Ahad) and Chammi lights up the screen every time the duo appears together. Chammi is shown to have erratic behavior which annoys Amma the most but Jamil knows all the tricks to handle her. Perhaps it is this indisputable chemistry between the two characters which forces Chammi to surrender to his charm.


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The scenes are shot very vividly with close-ups and slow motion sequences of Sajal running away. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, more sweet dialogues, dreamy sequences and whimsical scenarios are yet to come. Other than fanciful situations, there is a lot happening in Chammi’s track. Although she was crying when her money got stolen but she happily gave all her saving to Jamil when he asked once. This goes on to show that Chammi is much more invested in this relationship than it appears.

Aliya’s character seems to be appealing than that of her sister, Tehmina who loves Safdar and doesn’t like when Safdar (played by Ahsan Khan) is mistreated by her mother. The preview of the next episode showed that Safdar too feels the same way about her.





We also saw Rabia Butt playing the role of a Hindu widow (Kusum) who is Aliya’s neighbour. After hearing the suggestions that Kusum gave Tehmina, let’s hope that history won’t repeat itself. What’s confusing though is that after moving out from the haveli – which was definitely a connecting factor – the whole family is now barely aware of each other’s presence and whereabouts. Amma is in a bad state; she looks frail and uncared for. There is little to no references of other characters during interactions.

Five episodes in, Aangan seems to have relationships as the prime spot holder in the story. We have so far seen Abba Mian’s connection to mistresses, Zafar’s affairs, Salma’s elopement and now there are two new love affairs blossoming in different aangans (courtyards) of the same family. Sajal and Mawra have breathed a new life into the play with their performances. Their characters seem to have multiple layers which will be explored as the story progresses. We are most thrilled to find out how the dynamics will change and love triangles will form amidst these pairs.