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With Asim Abbasi’s much-anticipated film Cake to release in March, its no-nonsense teaser makes for an intriguing watch and promises a film that does away with the hackneyed cat and mouse chase stories that keep mushrooming up in the Pakistani film industry.

However, will it be appreciated by the average cinemagoer? We ask the film’s co-lead actress, Aamina Sheikh.

“Cake is something everyone will relate to,” she said. “It’s a genre that we haven’t seen in Pakistan before, so it’s got bits of current and contemporary in the techniques, performances and the storyline. I think it’s one of its kind, so, let’s see how it does. All my hopes are attached to this!”

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Aamina previously worked on Seedlings, which too was set in contemporary New York City and had a role similar to what we see her in the teaser. We wondered if there was any similarity or the fear of being type-casted into solely such roles.

“Seedlings was eons ago, I felt like that happened when I was born (laughs),” Aamina said. “But, no, I am not afraid of that. At the end of the day, the choice is mine if I do it or not. Maybe next time you’ll see me in a Punjabi comedy!”

Cake is slated to release on 30th March 2018, and stars Sanam Saeed, Aamina Sheikh and Adnan Malik in lead roles.