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The past one month has been all about talking pictures; the movie wave that began on a high with Teefa in Troubleon July 25 then peaked higher over the Eid holidays with Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, Load Weddingand finally, Parwaz Hai Junoon. It’s been a fantastic ride and one that the whole country has enjoyed. Come September, things are scheduled to take a turn from film to fashion. Fashion Week season will begin with the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Fashion Week (September 4-6) next week and end with the equally exciting Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive (September 28-30). There’s a smattering of fashion-related events in between but nothing that pushes fashion forward with the same intensity that fashion week does.

Let’s talk about the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week (PLBW) and what it holds for us this year.

The lineup, which is the most crucial part of any fashion week, is exciting to say the least. A combination of both established and new names, it shows that PLBW is committed to holding on to experience while having the strength to inject new names into the system as well.

Nomi Ansari will be opening Day One of fashion week, injecting his usual brand of energy to the lineup. It’s Nomi, so one can expect colour, precision of craft and silhouette, glamour and oodles of drama. Given that he’s couturier to the celebs, one also expects some serious star gazing at his show.

His collection, titled Maya, which means illusion, is all about old world romance and mystique. “Ivory, mint, apple green and candy pink to saffron, gold, rouge red, magenta, midnight blue and noir black,” are just some of the colours he rallied off; one expects this to be a happy, happy show.


Ali Xeeshan has mastered the art of craft and theatrics rolled into one


Ali Xeeshan will be closing Day Two with a finale that will, needless to say, be high on theatrics too.

Day Two will kick off with Nida Azwer, who’s back on the platform with Rani Bagh, a 42-piece collection dedicated to craft and technique. “Rani Baghis a play on classic silhouettes,” Nida said, speaking toInstepabout her show. One could sense the designer’s palpable excitement when she spoke about improvising classic silhouettes like Dhaka pajamas, churidaars, izars, kalidar peshwases, jackets, saris and shawls embroidered with silk thread. “You’ll see my love for all sorts of creatures come to life,” she said.

The House of Kamiar Rokni will be closing Day Two and when reading the name, one wondered what the HOKR constituted of as Kamiar Rokni was now working with Sapphire, Rehan Bashir was launching Afsaneh with Khadijah Shah and Tia Noon was busy with her parliamentary engagements.

“The House of Kamiar Rokni, right now, is me and the team,” Kami laughed when I asked, implying that he has a free hand at creating what he so desires this time. “I’ve been playing with a little bit of the rock star in me and a little bit of the princess in me,” he said. “The collection is a little flamboyant and a little demure. It’s progression from modern to fun. I’ve been feeling a little different and have a new approach to design these days.”


“I’ve been playing with a little bit of the rock star in me and a little bit of the princess in me,” says Kamiar Rokni.


Called Moonrise, Kami’s collection is all about young and progressive women who also have respect for tradition. “I’m a sponge and I’ve been spending time with a younger generation of women and its shifted my perspective. I’m now thinking of all kinds of women as opposed to the woman who is only interested in vintage. The classic aspect still exists as an integral part of our DNA but it’s a lot more girly.”

Faraz Manan, as we reported earlier, will be making a comeback on a platform that he showed at 7 years ago. Since then Faraz has been scaling international horizons, making a name for himself and for Pakistan in Dubai and Qatar especially. It’s good to see him returning to his roots because while international exposure and expansion is important, nothing can replace the kind of appreciation one gets on the home ground. He’ll be opening Day Three while the event will conclude with the quintessential PLBW grand finale: HSY.


HSY – the quintessential fashion week grand finale


Fashion Week will be three days and 24 shows long and one is also very interested in the PLBW debuts, which are being made by Hussein Rehar, Zainab Salman, Shehrbano Taseer and the young and talented Hira Ali. These are four shows definitely worth looking forward to. The rest of the lineup includes highly anticipated names like Misha Lakhani and Saira Shakira, along with Nickie Nina, Jeem by Hamza Bokhari, Farah & Fatima and Republic as well as a spate of day shows.

There are names that we would have loved to see at fashion week – Elan, Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya and Mahgul – but there are reasons for their absence and we’re confident we’ll see them elsewhere, before the year is out. It’s important to show; where and how you show is simply a choice.

Until then, and until FPW Winter/Festive kicks in at the end of the month, we have PLBW to look forward to next week. It looks like it’s time to say bye bye to films and hello to fashion!