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As witnessed in recent times, film promotions are truly that time of the year in a celebrity’s life when their names and faces are plastered everywhere! They have bloggers meets, photo shoots, live Facebook sessions, morning shows, public appearances, college visits, and if there’s place you can think of that I’ve missed out here, the celebrities have probably been there to promote their film as well. But what happens when all the brouhaha dies down? While celebrities claim that after one round of film promotions, they get pretty exhausted of all the attention, I’m pretty sure after a few weeks of solitude, they start feeling the popularity itch again.

So, I decided to study the industry giants and the legendary actors of today who have figured out ways to be in the limelight even when they aren’t and came up with a comprehensive guide on how to market yourself if you’re waiting for the next big project to come along.

1. Have a big, beautiful celebrity wedding

The Hocane sisters are one of those blessed celebrities who are extremely popular every day of the week, regardless of whether their last recognized project was released months ago. Therefore, both of them are the last people who need to worry about being relevant but we did notice that Urwa’s wedding is a perfect solution for any other celebrity feeling down on their luck regarding their popularity. Fans will do anything to see their favourite celebrities in their personal spaces. As Dobara Phir Se star Ali Kazmi once told me “I get more likes on a picture where I’m having coffee with my friends compared to when I’m on set or in character.”

So just have a very public fairy tale wedding and make sure to call the press and the media. If you think social media is enough, you’re wrong. (Anush Ammar was sadly mistaken when she only opted for social media coverage of her ginormous wedding.) Learn from Urwa and make sure to have TV reporters waiting at the mosque where you sign your nikkahnama. One reporter even asked Mawra the dreaded question: “How do you feel about your sister getting married?” It was learnt that Mawra is sad to see her sister move on but also happy that she found happiness with Farhan Saeed.

2. Social media rants

Rants are a sure shot way to get yourself in the news. Last year, Mohib Mirza thought to express his displeasure at presenting awards for free on Facebook and suddenly, blogs and newspapers were covering this news as if it were the only thing that mattered in the world. We can’t say anything about whether Mirza was expecting this publicity, but digital media definitely thought to make several headlines out of this.

3. Keep sharing selfies

This one is simple. If no one else is taking your picture, take your own! Dozen of celebrities do this round the clock. So, Feroze Khan makes it a point to keep sharing dramatic photos of himself even when he can’t share the work that he’s doing.

However, this step is so powerful that people can become celebrities simply by posting selfies. Whether you’re an upcoming model, a fashion blogger, or someone with a phone and a camera, share your images with the world and soon enough you’ll join the leagues of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. At least in your own eyes you will.

4. ‘Unfollow’ your rumoured girlfriend/boyfriend

To be fair, nobody wants to be caught ‘unfollowing’ someone on Instagram. You’re always hoping the person being ‘unfollowed’ doesn’t find out, let alone the whole world. Sadly, things are different when you’re an upcoming star and Feroze Khan learnt this the hard way. Sajal Aly and Feroze, thanks to on screen pairing, were quite the item until some fans noticed that Feroze had suddenly unfollowed Sajal. All hell broke loose, with people thinking the two have probably broken up. Eventually, the young star cleared the air that it was an accident, and he started following her right back. He also said that Sajal was just his good friend and nothing else. (We have it on video! Feroze followed Sajal right in front of us: Why did Feroze Khan ‘unfollow’ Sajal?)

5. Be Fawad Khan

This man doesn’t even try to be in the limelight. He simply exists and that is enough for social media, actually all kinds of media, to go crazy after him. Whether he shares a photo of his family, or chooses to maintain a dignified silence when India and Pakistan are literally fighting over him, Fawad Khan is in a league of his own and anyone aspiring to be famous or popular needs to learn from the maestro.