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Netflix India recently tried to give us a sneak peek into the ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives‘ with their new series. However, their attempt at a brainless chic flick kind-of-reality-show that replicates Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills failed miserably.

The camera follows the banter and bonding between four Bollywood wives: Neelam Kothari Soni (wife of Samir Soni), Maheep Kapoor (wife of Sanjay Kapoor), Bhavana Pandey (wife of Chunky Pandey) and Seema Khan (wife of Sohail Khan). Yes, don’t be shocked; half of the world is unable to understand what was the criteria for choosing these ‘Bollywood wives’. Any sane person would think about Gauri Khan or Susanne Khan and then Twinkle Khanna and Kajol, who have put their careers on somewhat hold after marriage to Bollywood A-listers. How about Mira Rajput (Shahid Kapoor’s wife) or even Kiran Rao, who has so much to offer in terms of intellect. But I guess that kind of answers the question of what producers were looking for.

I don’t have much to say about the cringefest that this show was in terms of everything from content and performances to cameos and pretentious drama. The only savior in the show could have been Sanjay Kapoor’s desi dad theatrics and SRK’s few words of wisdom. Keeping these aside, FLOBW reveals zilch about the ‘mundane’ lives of these ‘apparently’ fabulous women. The experience, to say the least, was like cringe-watching than binge watching and Karan Johar (producer of the show) has definitely taken trash TV to a new low. And yes, some people do find guilty pleasure in this kind of drama.

While I believe nearly everything in FLOBW was nonsense, here are some of the things rightly pointed out by Twitterati:


1. Binge? No way!




2. 10 minutes into the show and this was me, ditto!



3. Who are these women?


Either they are wives of yesteryear’s actors who gave a few popular films that millenials (the target market of the show) won’t even know about OR they are former models, actresses or someone’s niece (N word alert).




4. And men?


Who here remembers any Sohail Khan or Samir Soni’s film that is worth watching one more time due to their characters? Sanjay Kapoor’s golden era was in the early 90s and Chunky Pandey is our very own Akhri Pasta, so much so he can’t even resist to pitch the character’s dialogue even in this show. So why are these Bollywood men even relevant? Oh because they are someone’s husband, brother or uncle?



5. I thought Karan Johar was only toxic in Koffee With Karan


The show is so pretentious that they want us to believe Karan didn’t know Seema is Chunky Pandey’s niece. But word travels so fast that Amrita Arora knew about a fight between Seema and Bhavana within a day? Really?




6. Neelam Kothari’s fake accent & her Bollywood comeback 






7. Another launch pad for star kids?





Stream it or skip it, but the show lacks any sense or guilty pleasure traits whatsoever! I read somewhere that people watched the show just to make memes on it and I could relate somehow. That was the only thought I had while watching the only episode I managed to finish. However, guilty as charged, I forwarded most of the episodes, just to get a glimpse of SRK and you can too!




That’s all folks!