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Junaid Jamshed, who rose to fame with his iconic ‘Dil Dil Pakistan,’ was a celebrated Pakistani singer-songwriter, entreprenuer and preacher.

JJ, as he was fondly called, was killed in a plane crash on December 7, 2016 as he was travelling from Chitral to Islamabad. Today, on his 53rd birthday, we revisit some of his most popular and iconic tracks.



‘Aitebar,’ despite being more than two decades old, is one of the most memorable tracks sung by Junaid Jamshed back in his Vital Signs days. The romantic ballad is still part of many playlists.


Sanwali Saloni

‘Sanwali Saloni’ is another melodious track by Vital Signs which gained a lot of popularity, especially at weddings. The tune has a very traditional vibe to it with a hummable tune and not to forget the lyrics, which are quite funny and flirty.


Dil Dil Pakistan

This song became one of the reasons why Vital Signs instantly shot to fame. This song very well qualifies as an anthem with every age group chanting to it on 14th August or during an India-Pakistan cricket game.


Aankhon Ko Aankhon Ne

This particular track brings great memories of the IM – Indus Music days when it would be on TV whenever we happened to switch on the channel. The use of sarangi in the beginning adds more soul to the song easily making it one of the late singer’s best song.


Yeh Shaam

A beautifully sung romantic ballad. The voice in this one has a certain intensity to it which exudes pain and a sense of loss and we love going back to it when we’re feeling soppy.


Us Rah Par

‘Us Rah Par’
is another of those tracks taking us back to the Indus Music days. The clarity in the singer’s voice remained unchanged through the years and this song proves it.


Woh Kaun Thi

‘Woh Kaun Thi’ is one of the earliest songs of Vital Signs we remember singing along back in the day. Our friends across the border too tried to do a rendition of it but it wasn’t a patch on the original with the young (and handsome) JJ.

Which one been your favourite track to date? Let us know in comments…