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The winter season is back and that means so are the sensuous shades of lipstick, which keep your make up game strong in the dry, cold weather. Even if Karachi barely gets a winter, it does get more than a fair share of dryness, thanks to the lack of rain. So from the deep crimsons to the playful plums, ’tis the season to bring out you inner diva and paint the town, all shades of reds, literally. 

However, don’t just take our word for it. Seven of our favourite divas share their favourite shades…


Zhalay Sarhadi




In keeping with the winter favourites, Zhalay Sarhadi reveals that it’s the shades of plum which are her go-to choice this season.

“I love plum shades in lipsticks and I prefer them for winter. Color Studio has one in Venom and MAC has one in Sin and Diva,” Zhalay says. “These are all matte shades so I gloss them up a bit.”


Mansha Pasha




Going for the reds, Mansha Pasha says MAC is her go-to brand for winter and we do agree with her!

“Ruby Woo by MAC because it’s bright red and awesome!” says Mansha Pasha.


Sanam Saeed




Rather than go for a red or plum to complement her look, Sanam Saeed says she would rather use a chapstick!

“Chapstick is my go-to for the winter, to be honest,” Sanam says.


Frieha Altaf




PR maven and former model, Frieha Altaf is all in for reds this season too.

“I love darker shades generally in winter because you carry those better than nudes and pink that one uses in Summer,” Frieha shares. “MAC Relentlessly Red A35 is my all time favourite.”


Mehreen Raheel




Actress Mehreen Raheel is all about the dark sensuous shades this season as well, and naturally, MAC is her favourite too!

“My favourite is Sin from MAC, I just love the colour,” she says.


Ayesha Omar




For actress Ayesha Omar, it’s not just one lipstick which satisfies her in winter!

“No one brand, lots of them,” Ayesha reveals. “Red/nude at night maybe CharlotteTilbury or YSL.
But during the day I mostly wear Kiel’s butterstick in the Simply Rose shade.”


Sadaf Kanwal




For supermodel Sadaf Kanwal, it’s a mix of burnt browns that tickles her fancy this season.

“I’m loving Fenty Beauty’s mattemoiselle plush matte lipstick since it’s super hydrating and great for dry wintery lips!” Sadaf reveals. “The soft matte burnt brown orangy looks pretty sophisticated, it’s my new favourite.”