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With the world still buzzing from the Emmy’s, and might we say what a show that was, the world of Pakistani celebrities just couldn’t handle the drought in attention so they decided to have their own award show called IPPA, short for International Pakistan Prestige Award. Unfortunately, or a better word would be ironically, Prestige is exactly what it lacked.

Tempted with a free ticket to London and a promise of recognition and ample photo ops, you can’t blame most of our attention-deprived ‘stars’ for accepting the opportunity.

So we decided to break it down for all our Hauties because well, we’re concerned. Let’s get to it…


Everyone got an award

As much as we appreciated our Instagram feeds being flooded with the IPPAs (actually not), was it just me or did everyone attending get an award for their “exceptional” work?

After all, it is quite a task to show up.


Neha won Model of the Year

2016’s model of the year is one that hasn’t done a serious campaign in almost half a decade but who are we to judge, right?




Remember the Sana Safinaz campaigns featuring Neha Ahmed that left everyone awestruck, well we’re glad they’ve finally been recognized and awarded. The only problem is that the last time anyone saw Miss Neha the world was still using blackberries and listening to MP3s.

Or is there something else we’re missing?


The ladies dressed for a wedding or prom

Red carpet in London equals an off the rack white bridal gown and a questionable prom dress, or at least that’s what it looked like.




While we’re slowly giving up on red carpet fashion as most of our lady stars just can’t hack it under the pressures of the phone flashes, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Mawra and Miss Humaima for reassuring us the very same notion.


Was that Morticia Adams we spotted?

The rest of the ensemble decided that wedding wear is for the foolish and we’re going to channel our inner Morticia Addams.




We have never been a fan of black on the red carpet; it just bores us but these lady stars are not the ones to shy away from being basic with their couture and what better way than becoming a living, breathing Morticia in attempt to upstage Mawra Hocane on her pretend wedding day.


Of course, no red carpet would be complete without the usual desi bridals




We could laugh at it and secretly we spent the better part of our weekend doing so but it’s now time we accept that lehngas and cholis are just the norms on the red carpet. But do they really have to be this bad?


 Male stars dressed like they’re about to serve you a filet mignon

And then came in reining the boy stars with their suits intact and valet cars parked.




We like ours medium rare, please?


What was Amna Babar doing there?

Amna Babar might not have won the award she clearly deserved but she did serve up some serious fashion.




God bless you for attending because without you this would only be a Thursday night game of Pictionary.

Now go home, you’re way too good for this.

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