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With the summer vacations approaching fast, we are all ready to pack our bags and board flights to explore the world.

We may plan our holiday wardrobe well before we head to our desired destination, but deciding on the skin care and makeup is more of a last-minute thing. Anyone who has spent even a minute in an airplane knows how dry cabin air can wreak havoc on your skin, and leave you feeling generally dehydrated and icky. Unfortunately, a lot of damaging and irritating things happen to your skin while flying.

Cabin air contains only 20 per cent humidity, which means flying can be incredibly dehydrating to the skin and can even inflame sensitive skin conditions like eczema or rosacea.

While you can take a nap or watch a movie to kill some time on your flight, a mini-spa treatment will refresh and relax your skin before you reach your destination.

1. 111 skin brightening mask

This sheet mask instantly gives you a spa-like effect during your flight. While applying the mask, you may get some awkward stares but trust us, your skin will be more than grateful for the cool and nourishing sensation.

2. Mad Hippie vitamin C serum

Get your glow on with this vitamin C enriched serum. Just pour a few drops during flight and let it sit on your skin to achieve flawless results.


3. Born Lippy


The thinnest layer of skin on our face is on our lips so no wonder they are prone to flakiness and chapping. To get supple, plump lips try the soothing formula of The Body Shop Born Lippy Passionberry lip balm; it’s perfect to carry in-flight and can be used on lips, nails and skin to heal minor cracks.


4. Volition eye gel

This revitalising eye gel with hazel cucumber extract is ideal for normal, dry or oily skin. Just apply a thin layer under your eyes before napping in-flight and feel the difference in no time.


5. La creme main


This rich but non-greasy cream by CHANEL keeps your hands moisturised, strengthens nails, and softens cuticles during hot months. Apply it when travelling and let it work its magic on you.


6. NIVEA cleansing wipes

Don’t skip out on using acids in your skincare routine simply because you’re traveling. These wipes combine both BHAs and AHAs to restore luminosity, reduce wrinkles, and alleviate redness.