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Karachites are foodies by heart and soul. Although most of our favorite, A-listers are notorious for sticking with rigid diet plans (read: raw juice cleanses!) but when it comes to food and fine dining, you can find them flocking to their favourite food haunts!


The Deli


Mahira Khan at The Deli.

With the enticing aroma of Roast Beef Wasabi and Ravioli Florentine wafting through the sophisticated, upscale décor, you are sure to bump into a celebrity or two at The Deli. Located at Clifton, The Deli promises a fine, gourmet dining with a specialty for Mediterranean, Thai and European cuisines. The plush green entrance stringed with inviting flowerpots leads into a wide, open French-inspired décor granting the café a beautiful ambiance. One glance at the eatery and you know why it could possibly be a favorite celebrity haunt!

The Deli provides the best hi-tea, fresh salads, and sandwiches.


Mews- Wholesome Kitchen


The cast of Cake, the film at MEWS.

Tucked in the popular E-Street, midst of the row of other cafes is Mews- Wholesome Kitchen. The café takes on a very British rotisserie feel with its choice of bricked narrow alley entrances, neatly interconnected dining areas, open windows beckoning in ample of sunlight and a very cool inviting blue for wooden furnishings.

The windows are framed with creepers intertwining stringed lights, making it a unique place to munch on your favorite European cuisines and desserts. With such an eclectic menu and beautiful ambiance, Mews has become a famous café that has catered to A-listers for the longest time.

If you swing by Mews, do not miss the Lemon Meringue Pie and Triple Chocolate Skillet Cookie!


Café Flo


Iman Ali at Cafe Flo.

Nestled in the midst of a bustling street is Café Flo. Now, this is a cafe that you can spot on almost every celebrity’s Instagram because really a bunch of them have known to frequently flock there to savor the taste of finest French dining.

The restaurant has also been picked multiple times to host important celebrity events, gathering, luncheons and brunches. Delectable Smoked Salmon, Grilled Tuna and Roasted Cumin Red Snapper are sought after French cuisines you do not get to dig in at many restaurants in the city.




Sherry Rehman at Cote-Rotie.

The chic, small café opened its doors to Karachi just a year back yet has quickly become a stamping ground for A-listers and their snazzy events. Located inside Karachi’s Alliance Francaise, the Cafe is very much like a quirky French bistro, with big windows pleasantly slanting in the sunshine and wooden furniture. Although the menu isn’t very extensive, a good variety of salads, starters, sandwiches and few main courses are still there to tempt you.  The Selection of Artisanal Bread for starters and Linguine with Lobster and Chili are unmissable!




Ayesha Omar dines at Xander’s.

Xander’s has been a celebrity retreat for the longest time; one cannot be surprised to see a celebrity seated at its green tables, taking bites off the restaurant’s popular Crispy Calamari. No wonder Xanders is always packed!




Shaniera and Wasim Akram at the FPW ’17 kickoff at Ambrosia.

Placed in the tranquil streets of Old Clifton, that was previously a Chai house, is now Ambrosia. With big European windows, aesthetically pleasing bamboo glazes walls and a grandiose chandelier, Ambrosia lures in all the celebrities with its grandeur. A couple of events have been hosted there, including the grand event for IPPA’s official launch ceremony that is finally being staged in London tonight.

The vast menu has about 100 items, promising a true dining affair with decadent dishes like Fried Camembert, Porcini Steak, and Herb Crusted Snapper.