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Bollywood’s most talked about film these days, Veere Di Wedding may have gotten banned in Pakistan due to ‘vulgar content’ but wait, that doesn’t mean there is nothing vulgar to be seen in the Land of the Pure. We decided to jog our memory a little and think of vulgarities that have been allowed on TV … things one CAN watch in Pakistan despite them being vulgar!

Please allow us to enlighten you if you already started wondering.

But first wait, before you think that vulgar only applies to sexually offensive content, the Oxford Dictionary describes it as: 1) Lacking sophistication or good taste, 2) Making explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions; coarse and rude, and 3) a characteristic of or belonging to ordinary people, as in dated.

Let’s get on with vulgar content that you CAN watch in Pakistan…

1. Amir Liaquat Hussain’s disrespect for, generally anyone!



Anybody in their right frame of mind would not be able to stand the sight of this vile man doing disturbing shows on national television. Despite being banned several times by PEMRA, he keeps returning to disturb our peace of mind with his crass talk and hypocritical statements. That’s one vulgar source of content that we’d love to see banned.


2. Mubashir Lucman’s ‘Khara Sach


This man really needs to ease out and decide which side he’s playing for. His show Khara Sach is more of a one-hour rant with no constructive outcome at the end. As with all things offensive, lots of people find him entertaining too!


3. Morning Show aesthetics



We seriously need a better time pass than these inane morning shows that pop up every day on nearly every channel. They are usually devoid of content, which is why discussing topics like failed marriages, infidelity, black magic, family feuds and not to forget awkward exercise positions by some instructors are all they are left with. Oh and how could we forget weddings that happen on the set? They either need to revise content or go back to shows like The First Blast that came many moons ago on Dawn. Please stop this fahashi!

4. Sahir Lodhi’s dance show



Is there anyone who missed the infamous dance show hosted by Sahir Lodhi, where he makes young children dance on crass item songs? Despite the ban by PEMRA, the show is still going strong with quite a viewership, surprisingly! We’re honestly quite grossed out.


5. Altaf Hussain’s chummi speech



Altaf Hussain is quite an internet sensation to make anyone hysterical with his overdone, zonked speeches and we won’t deny enjoying them, (occasionally) but his infamous chummi speech takes the cake.


6. Waqar Zaka’s attention seeking videos



It’s actually borderline obscene when Waqar Zaka as much as opens his mouth. But the unforgettable vulgarity was when the Living on the Edge host went berserk in his attention seeking videos where he made a desperate attempt to capture every damn thing on camera, literally EVERYTHING to show the world his philanthropic side in Burma? Sweet?


7. Danish Taimoor’s hair colour



Do you blame us for pointing this out? We bet you don’t. Danish Taimoor’s hair colour is striking enough to make heads turn…but in disbelief, if we may add.


Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire and should not be taken seriously.