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Chapped lips, dry hands, static hair and cracked heels are just some of the problems winter brings with it! From tea bags to coconut oil, we’ve tried a range of organic products and home remedies that will make your beauty regimen more bearable.

Here are our favourite remedies:

Coconut oil for everything!



Coconut oil has been our saviour for all things beauty-related. From hair to skin, it is a great organic product to use. It tackles dandruff that winter tends to bring with it, and it serves as a great moisturizer for the skin. We’ve actually taken some cold pressed oil and put it in an empty jar of cream to carry around with us to use whenever dryness strikes.


Moisturize while you shower



Get the most out of your steamy shower by moisturizing your skin while you bathe. As the steam opens up your pores, there are in-shower lotions that work to hydrate even the deepest layers of your skin. You can always opt for normal moisturizer or body butter too, but the key is to do it while you’re still in the steamed up cubicle!


Opt for cream based makeup products



If like us, you tend to use face powders and powdered highlighters, you may have been victim to the dry flakey-ness they cause during winter months. Use creamy foundations or makeup products instead to keep your skin moisturised. If those don’t work for you, add a few drops of oil in a container, and dab your makeup brush in it when applying your powder-based face product.


Tea bags for chapped skin



This seemed odd to us too, but it turned out to be really effective. After you brew a cup of tea, gently dab the cooled-down tea bags on any chapped areas. Tannins in the tea can immediately hydrate and soothe sunburns, dry, wind-burned lips or skin. You’ll feel the cooling sensation instantly!

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Try these out for yourself and let us know what you think!