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While viewers were overwhelmed with back-to-back two episodes of Do Bol twice in a week, there is also a new entrant on the air waves – drama serial Khaas – which now clashes with Do Bol on Wednesdays. The first episode of the drama has introduced us to the three lead characters played by Sanam Baloch, Ali Rehman Khan and Haroon Shahid and how fate will bring them together.

The highlight of the serial is Sanam Baloch, who has made a comeback to TV after her 2017 offering Teri Raza. Her acting prowess along with Ali Rehman’s natural charm and good looks attracted the audience for they expected their couple to be a focal point; however, the first episode reveals a twist in the narrative.

Here is a list of reasons why we seem to have mixed feelings about Khaas:


Ali Rehman Khan is not what we expected him to be

Ali Rehman Khan’s character (Ammar) seems be a lover boy who gets attracted to every other girl and apparently even takes their number. In one scene he saw Sanam (Saba) in her university and follows her (like a stalker) and then later informs his family members that he likes a girl Saba who studies at her bhabi’s university. Ain’t this too quick!




Slow-motion scenes in abundance

There is some serious obsession with slow-motion sequences in our dramas these days. Chammi always runs in slow-mo, then we have such scenes in abundance in Do Bol and now Khaas is also bombarded with slow speed. Whether it is Sanam flipping her hair, scolding a classmate, Ammar watching him secretly or Fakhir (Haroon Shahid) dazed by her beauty following an accident, everything is slower than its usual speed; perhaps girls look prettier in slow mo!


Stalker alert

Khaas proves that stalking isn’t a modus operandi of guys; girls also stalk girls! Ammar’s bhabi (played by Natasha Ali) searches for the girl which Ammar likes only by her name at her university. She looked through student’s personal database (without permission of course) in order to find the girl she has never seen.

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Welcome the good guy

Supposedly Haroon Shahid plays the pious and responsible guy Fakhir here. In one of his dialogues, he said “Jis din mard ne aurat ko cheez, jaidad, malkiat samjhna chor dia, us din dunya se bohat si nafrat, jhagray aur uljhanay khatam hojaengy”. Fakhir is a friend of Ammar who on the contrary thinks that a girl wants a man like him who is smart, good looking and has a cheerful personality. One of their friends however remarked that the girl who will marry Fakhir will be very lucky as he will give her respect. This is a clear hint towards another done to death love triangle.




Incoherent much!

At one instance Natasha comments about random girls with the name ‘Saba’ that how one isn’t pretty enough or the other isn’t young enough. Later, she told Ammar that she doesn’t have photos to show him in order to ascertain the fact that which Saba he likes. I am confused, are you?

Directed by Danish Nawaz, Khaas will be aired every Wednesday at 8 pm on Hum TV.