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New Year brings with it a season of festivity and fun and lots of weddings! Now the pandemic has broken our spirits and dialed down large mehndi celebrations, however, we are still attending in-house and intimate small events where SOPs are strictly followed and monitored, after all, life has to go on!

But more than a bunch of energetic people, what’s really needed for a mehndi is a good stereo system and catchy playlist to dance on and sing along. So to make matters easy for you, here are 5 Pakistani songs to bust a move to:


1. Noori from Superstar


Noori is the perfect girl-y song that female cousins would love to dance on. Mahira Khan has impressed us with her beautiful steps in the movie and while not everyone is so light on their feet, you can still set the dance floor on fire if you plan to wear a lehenga choli like her!



2. Aaya Laariye from Coke Studio


Yes, do not mistook that we’re suggesting the other version. We recommend to stick to the Coke Studio version of Aaya Laariye sung by Meesha Shafi and Naeem Abbasi Rufi, which is a perfect mix of groovy beats and fast pace music. This can be used for the entrance of a bride or groom!



3. Ik Pal from Parey Hut Love


Melodious and catchy, Ik Pal from Parey Hut Love is the best song to choreograph with all your siblings, cousins and family members; you can even include a segment with the bride or groom. This one is slow yet has a beautiful beat to try a nice dance routine for the whole family.



4. Allay by Ali Zafar & Urooj Fatima ft. Abid Brohi


Folk songs are quite popular in Pakistani weddings and mehndis and the latest to hit the chord with everyone is Ali Zafar’s new track, a remix version of Sindhi song Allay Munja Mar Wara. This one is especially for boys who like to perform freestyle!



5. Gagar by Umair Jaswal


Umair Jaswal’s Gagar is the best addition to your mehndi playlist as the upbeat version is so addictive that it will make people step up and dance. You can also add the Gagar kick in your choreography!