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Halloween fright night is upon us and if you’re like us, then we’re sure there are party plans to go to and some costumes (no, we don’t mean some horrendous collections from the recently-held fashion weeks) to don on to paint the town red, literally.

However, if a chilly night with a spooky film at home is all you desire, then we have just the perfect five bastions of horrors for you…

Chain Aye Na


You thought you were going to get a movie filled with action and romance, instead, you got slapgate. Filled to the brim with spooky aesthetics and equally creepy acting skills, Chain Aye Na is ought to make you scream for your mommies.




This revenge-thriller is the ultimate go-to film if you want to feel like someone’s tied you down and is torturing you! Did you want to see The Nun? No, sorry. You get Wajood and it’s even scarier!


Love Mein Ghum


Amidst the glamour of being a Lux star, Reema kept in her heart a secret. A secret so scary, she refused to talk about it until 2011. Eventually, she told the world, and it was called Love Mein Ghum. Now, you have the chance to watch it and see for yourself why this secret should have been left as is.


Lahore Se Aagey


Expect Tutti Frutti, get an overdose of Moti – enough said. However, if that doesn’t scare you, the fact that the film feels like someone made it just to take revenge on the cinegoers should! Also, don’t blame us if Aima Baig’s shrillest song to date, ‘Kalabaaz Dil’ gets stuck in your head – which is the scariest thought of it all.




The grandaddy of all horror films made in the world, Raasta proves that Pakistani films can be the scariest if they set their hearts to it. Imagine Shah Rukh Khan – sorry, we meant Sahir Lodhi seeking to avenge things. Now, think of it while overdosing on LSD. Now, you have Raasta. Even The Exorcist has nothing on this one!