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US First Lady, Melania Trump, went against her usual choice of priceless clothing and decided to wear an inexpensive $39 Zara jacket on her visit to a child detention centre housing children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border. Good gesture, except the green military jacket read ‘I don’t care, do you’ on the back. It kind of raised the bar for ‘worst dressed celebrities’ in the world.

Naturally, all hell broke loose.

It also triggered off a trend and within hours, several brands came up with their own versions of the jacket. Wildfang, a female-founded clothing store that aims to empower people with its clothing, released a bomber jacket with the words, “I REALLY CARE, DON’T U?” on the back.  It sold out within minutes and the proceeds were donated to RAICES. Strangely, even the original Zara jacket that Melania Trump wore, sold out. And amongst the buyers were five Pakistani celebrities.


Sheikh Rashid


Sheikh Rashid isn’t one to go back on his words and in a recent interview, responding to a question about Reham Khan’s book, said that “he thought Reham Khan was more dishonourable than 1000 prostitutes and that members of the Pakistani film industry are less principled than pimps.” The entertainment industry went up in fumes over his disparaging comments, with Armeena Khan and Mansha Pasha even tweeting about them, but Sheikh Saab refused to apologize. Moreover he bought the jacket and wore it to his next interview. In your face!


Hamza Ali Abbasi


Actor, activist and ardent Imran Khan supporter, Hamza Ali Abbasi has all too frequently made statements that have riled people up. Just yesterday he tweeted something to which Dr Aamir Liaquat responded, not so graciously. For all his tweets and Facebook posts and all the trolling he faces online, Hamza felt he had to make a statement and respond. Incidentally June 23 was his birthday and so he bought the jacket. And he loved the fact that it was available only in this shade of military green.


Dr Aamir Liaquat 


Dr Aamir Liaquat is usually the axis of all evil words and judgements passed on TV and just yesterday he started a war of words with Hamza Ali Abbasi. “You are disgusting face of the channel, and a drug addict” he tweeted. “It is better you stick to your day job – ACTING!” For this kind of vitriolic attitude, Aamir Liaquat has more than often suffered the ire of people but he doesn’t seem to care, hence the quick purchase online. He tweeted again, calling it retail therapy.


Mubashar Luqman


Mub Luq bought the jacket because he likes to stay updated with trends and also, because he really doesn’t care.




Meera didn’t buy the jacket, her fans actually sent it to her as a gift. Because for all the trolling and memes and mockery that Meera goes through, we feel that she really shouldn’t care!


  • This article is satire and should not be taken seriously
  • Artwork by Hira Humayun