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The chill of winter gradually making its way into Pakistan is a clear indication of the upcoming shaadi season. Brimming with Haute fashion and equally glamourous looks, it is amongst the marigolds and roses that people find the best opportunity to show off the best of their style! However, if you are confused about what makeup trends you should be sporting this festive season, Luscious has all the answers for you!

Speaking to Mehrbano Sethi – the brainchild and CEO of Luscious Cosmetics – we found out the top 5 products recommended by the make-up guru!


Heartbreaker Lipstick in Viking


Red is all the rage each winter and this year is no different! Whether it’s clothing or make-up, look towards red for a deeply luxurious look. According to Mehrbano, the ‘Heartbreaker’ Lipstick is a beautiful blackened red, which is perfect for fall/winter looks this season.


Powder Blush in Peach Melba


As the temperatures drops, so does your holiday tan and you run the risk of looking like a white-walker if you’re not careful about the kind of make-up you are using. Thus, for a proper ‘pop of colour’, Mehrbano recommends the ‘Peach Melba’ Powder Blush.


Face Contour Kit Matte Drama


Anyone who is still unaware of face contouring in this day and age, should really get with the times if they want to look their best! Recommending her ever-popular kit, Mehrbano suggests the ‘Matte Drama’ Face Contour Kit for celebrity-grade contouring and highlights this festive season.


Brow Luxe Tool Kit


If you’ve been following recent trends and looks, you’d be aware of how huge eyebrow sculpting is this year! To add meticulousness to your look, Mehrbano recommends the ‘Brow Luxe’ Tool Kit for groomed and sculpted brows whether you like a natural feathered look or statement arches!


Incredible Lash Mascara


If you’re dolled-up for the night and haven’t put in mascara, then darling, you’re far from done. Giving the right volume and length to your eyebrows is a must and the ‘Incredible Lash’ Mascara is what you need for the nights out where you need that intense colour!