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With the recent campaign to build new dams and curb water scarcity in Pakistan coming into the limelight, it seems that celebrities too have come forward to do their part for the country. Whether it’s Atif Aslam donating PKR 2.5 million or boxer Amir Khan vowing PKR 1 million, it’s surely is a moment of pride to help the nation.

However, while major names have promised to be a part of the change, we feel there are also several other entertainment industry icons who can probably help the dam fund, massively.

So, who exactly are they?

The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 team



After the success of JPNA 2 and the team boasting that they’ve earned PKR 50 Crore in less than a month in comparison to Parwaz Hai Junoon and Load Wedding, we feel that the team surely can spare moolah for the funds! Don’t you think?

Ali Zafar


While Teefa in Trouble has broken all major records, we really wish Ali Zafar too, could do the same for this campaign! Will the singer/actor come up with a surprise for all of us? Item number karo na karo, donation de do.


Zaid Ali T


While Zaid Ali has been championing the cause of PTI on Twitter, we wonder whether the comedian will put his money where his mouth is and raise funds for the dams. Are we hoping for a tweet in support of the dam, Zaid?


The Fashion Industry


We may have two uber-glamourous fashion councils existing in Pakistan, but since they’re usually short of funds, we’re looking at big solo players for support. We’re looking at Faraz Manan, Khadijah Shah, Sana Safinaz and all those names boasting expensive international campaigns and multi-million dollar businesses.  We’re looking at multi-million dollar donations too!

Osman Khalid Butt


He loves talking the talk, but does he walk the walk too? We wonder if the Balu Mahi star will finally add this to this must-Tweet list and spare some funds for the campaign! We’ll just have to wait and see.


We must add that it’s possible that these celebs have already donated, albeit silently and gracefully. If such is the case then we take our sarcasm back and apologize.