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Often times we take things for granted because we don’t realise how privileged we are. But it is a social commentary like Sui Dhaaga that makes you pause and appreciate what is otherwise never paid heed to.

The film, which stars Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan in lead roles, sheds light on the unsung heroes; the weavers, tailors and brains behind the clothes we wear. We got the chance to watch the film and here are the lessons we learnt:


1. Underprivileged families can change their fate

The film begins with a man Mauji (Varun Dhawan), who works at a shop that sells sewing machines. In exchange for a minimum wage, he is ridiculed by his boss. When his wife, Mamta (Anushka Sharma) witnesses the exploitation, she decides that he should pursue what he is good at, stitching. They embark on a journey filled with tribulations to change their fate. It taught us that despite your socio-economic standing in society, you can change your life around if you are motivated.


2. Weavers and tailors are more significant than we take them to be

We all go to tailors to get our dresses stitched and we all buy unstitched cloth from shops. But how many of us would pursue it as a profession? Sui Dhaaga makes an attempt to break the shackles of society which dictates that working as a tailor or a weaver is a demeaning job. A commoner takes the task of becoming a darzi and proves that the weavers and tailors are the unsung heroes of our society lest appreciated.

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3. With a positive outlook, you can attain the unattainable

In the movie, the duo is seen struggling, just like any commoner of a country. They go to great lengths just to make money and pursue their passion but what is admirable is their resilience and patience. ‘Sab barhiya hai’ is a catchphrase you will hear throughout the movie which just goes to prove the positive outlook they had despite the hardships they endured. It taught us that you might be at your worst, people might betray you or take advantage of your naivety, but if you remain focused and positive, you can achieve what might seem impossible.


4. Do what you are passionate about regardless of how silly it may seem to others

How often do you strongly feel about something but are forced to take the backseat because the society does not approve of your aspirations? What really struck a chord with us was how vehemently Mamta and Mauji felt about stitching and making a livelihood out of it. The undeterred Mauji feels unsure when he sees his helpless father who, after retiring, starts to work as a newspaper distributor as he doubts his son’s plan. But, the husband-wife duo, alongside their friends, prove to his family and the world that farfetched dreams can become reality.


5. Sometimes, it is ok to go against the odds

In this film, Mauji comes from a family of tailors who failed to make their mark in the market hence, they withdrew from the profession and took up white collar jobs instead. But Mamta’s determination that Mauji will emerge victorious despite the family’s history of failure proves that it ok to swim against the current sometimes, especially if you feel strongly about it.


The film is running successfully in cinemas. Have you watched it? Share your thoughts with us.