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Pakistan will mark 74 years of Independence with 14 August for a country whose foundation was built on hope. With principles of Unity, Faith, and Discipline, we persevered as a nation for over 70 years and despite facing the worse and toiling hard, we are still going strong. This is the power of a resilient and united nation.

To celebrate this patriotic spirit and keep our morale high, Something Haute has listed some of the best songs from the years gone by. After all, they don’t make songs like that anymore!


1. Watan Ki Mitti by Nayyar Noor

This is as classic as we can get, with saccharine vocals of Nayyara Noor and beautiful lyrics.



2. Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs

Talk about patriotic songs and skip Dil Dil Pakistan, is that even possible? This is the nation’s pop anthem and there is hardly a soul who doesn’t remember the video, the lyrics and the music. Even the new generations cannot skip its charm.




3. Mujahideen e Aflaak by Alamgir

Though this is more like a PAF song, this is still high on patriotic spirit. The lyrics are powerful and soul stirring, and the music was so ahead of its time.




4. Mera Paigham Pakistan by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Mera Paigham Pakistan became the go-to song to sing and perform in schools and national competitions for its beautiful composition.



5. Azadi (Jinnah) by Ali Azmat & Samina Ahmed

This song is forever engraved in our hearts as the soundtrack of Jinnah – The Movie, because it was such a big sensation when the video was released. With Ali Azmat and Samina Ahmed’s powerful vocals, the song stirred a lot of emotions in those who left their homes in 1947.



You can listen to most of these songs on Spotify Pakistan as it has released a new playlist of national songs, titled Pak Sar Zameen, consisting of over 50 musical gems.