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Instead of spending heaps of money on jars of face masks, have you ever thought of taking a look in your kitchen for a quick organic fix? A few common ingredients that are easy to find in your kitchen can have cleansing, brightening, acne reducing, and even anti-ageing properties.

So, before you break the bank in search for the perfect skincare product, try applying some nourishing ingredients on your face, instead. We tried some, and here’s how it worked…




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Potatoes are by far the best thing you can do to your complexion and skin in general. We have never seen such a significant change in our skin after washing off a face mask, but 20 minutes after applying a grated potato on our faces, we were stunned by the transformation. Our normally dry skin felt moisturised but not oily, the skin tone became brighter and dark spots were minimised to create a more even complexion.

Potatoes are generally known to reduce dark spots and blemishes, help in removing tan and pigmentation and also reduce acne and pimples. Even better, they have anti-ageing properties due to antioxidants.


Honey and Lime


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Take two table spoons of honey and add them to the juice of one lime. Mix well and apply to skin. Honey and lime are a great combination for sunburnt skin. The mixture helps to lighten and smooth the skin.




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Watermelons refresh the skin and tackle sun-scorched faces. Not only do watermelons restore the skin’s lost moisture, they tighten it as well. There are two ways to use a watermelon. The first is to chop the watermelon into slices, squeeze some lime juice on them, and rub onto the face in circular motions. Another way is to make a purée from the watermelon and lime juice, and then apply.


Apple Juice


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For those of you who are in a constant battle with acne, apple juice may be the answer for you. Peel and grate an apple to extract the juice, then add one teaspoon of honey and apply on face. Dap the solution on the pimples and let it dry. With regular treatment (at least twice daily), your pimples will dry and their scars will vanish.




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Banana’s not only nourish the skin, they remove scars, dark spots and blemishes. Take a ripe banana, peel and mash it to a pulp then apply it all over the face and leave it there for 10 minutes. There will be a noticeable difference just after one application.

Try these out and let us know how they worked out!