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The much-hyped pair of Feroze Khan and Sana Javed has been making waves in an all new avatar in the teasers of upcoming serial Romeo weds Heer. They duo has made up for the unrequited tragic bond they portrayed earlier in hit drama serial Khaani and are now coming in a light-hearted drama, which promises fun-filled family entertainment. Comic relief for fans!

Teasers and promotional tracks of the play have increased viewers’ expectations and fans are looking forward to Feroze and Sana’s sizzling chemistry and banter. With five more days to go, here is an exclusive rundown of what to expect from the play…


Romeo weds Heer is written by renowned writer and humourist Dr. Younis Butt of Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hain fame. Also, it is helmed by Anjum Shahzad and with these two masterminds on board, audience can expect a power-packed comic roller-coaster because we all know how quick-witted Lahoris can be.


The story is about two contrasting families whose lives get entwined due to budding lovers, played by Feroze Khan and Sana Javed. Heer belongs to a middle class hakeem family and is a desi at heart, while Romeo is a flamboyant guy with a rock star attitude, whose mother is a cosmetologist. It will be a treat to watch how these two love birds will convince their polar opposite families that they’re made for each other.

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While this young actor has made a career out of playing the brooding, slightly negative tragic hero, Feroze Khan has finally signed a role which will explore a completely new side of him. Bidding farewell to the angry young man (for at least this time), there will only be romance and comedy in the air.


By the look of the teasers, the cast has perfected the art of laughing at themselves. Romeo Weds Heer will be a witty situational comedy of errors with fun word play and out-and-out humour. It will be a treat to see actors not taking themselves so seriously and just having a good laugh. No rona dhona expected.


The promotional track of Romeo weds Heer



Expected to have at least 22 episodes, the loud and crazy rom-com has an amazing supporting cast including the likes of Syed Shafaat Ali, Ali Safina, Saman Ansari and Firdous Jamal. Judging by what we have seen so far, the drama is going to establish some impressive characters and roles that will win hearts and will leave us with amusing one-liners too.

Romeo Weds Heer is schedule to air on Sunday, October 21, on Geo Entertainment.