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With the year coming to a close, we’ve already discussed the feats of the Pakistani media industry, which has made 2017 rather remarkable. However, amongst all that went well this year, there are some major things the stars of the industry have said which we would simply like to forget. Like Elsa from Frozen says, here are some things we’d love our actors to just Let it go…

“I was the first choice”




Yes, we know the amazing achievements you’ve had in your less than a decade old career, but for God’s sake, no one cares even if you weren’t the first choice. Is it just us or does the ‘first choice’ quote remind you of 90’s Bollywood kitsch too? Take note, it is surely not something a Haute celeb would ever say!


“I’ll do it when I get a good script”




Sweetie, no. We can guarantee you a hundred percent, that if you’re a ‘good’ actor a ‘good’ script will run your way! We all understand the dearth of scripts if this was pre-2007, but with the industry flourishing, there are enough good scripts and strong projects that you could be part of. If you haven’t been cast, it’s because because no one wants you.

“I’m a feminist”




If anything, we thought this would be the saving grace of everything the celebs have said this year. However, leave it to some of our superstars to work feminism to their advantage. From ‘I’m not a feminist because it’s not about equality’ to ‘feminist-until-high-budget-film-comes-my-way type’ answers, we heard it all. Please, people like Betty Friedan and Susan B. Anthony are rolling in their graves right about now.


“I don’t care what the critics say”




Three words: Yes. You. Do. One gets to hear this whenever a film does horribly, and it actually makes us question if our stars really think this answer still works. In the age of social media, it’s an anomaly if the buzz about their horrible acting doesn’t make the news. Also, we’d totally believe that if we hadn’t heard all the horror stories about celebs actually sending mean-texts and throwing major shade at critics for writing the truth.


“This is different than anything you’ve seen before”




Now here’s something you’ve never heard before, right? Of all the things said and done this year – and God knows there were plenty – this had to be the final nail in the coffin. With every film coming out being a rehash of something or the other that we have seen before, someone please explain to us how ‘it’s different than anything we’ve seen before?’