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With the chaos that unfolded on the tarmac at Lahore airport yesterday closing the chapter on Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s arrest, the latter’s sartorial choices have just started making the airwaves in an even bigger magnitude after she returned to Pakistan carrying a Bottega Veneta bag and Gucci sandals!

However, while it was never a surprise that the former premier’s daughter dressed head-to-toe in brands, just the price factor of it all has now loomed upon the country, which is desperately looking for answers.

What else has the former Lahori socialite worn in the past years that have raised some eyebrows? We have the lowdown…


The $ 28,000 Rolex


Maryam Nawaz

Leave it to Maryam Nawaz to wear a $ 28,000 Rolex to an event where an average person’s monthly wage is less than $100. Clad in a signature Louis Vuitton scarf (she has plenty more where that came from), the politician proved that she does have some expensive tastes and they’re not at all awami.


Pakistani couturiers’ favourite child


Maryam Nawaz

From L – R, Maryam Nawaz in Ammara Khan, Maria B, and Faraz Manan


There has hardly been any major couturier who Maryam Nawaz hasn’t worn. Be it Ammara Khan, Maria B, Elan, Faraz Manan or Sana Safinaz, she has donned it all with her complementing Fendi scarves when need be! We’re not sure if we’re happy to see her wearing top Pakistani brands anymore…


The Chanel Brooch


Maryam Nawaz


If there’s political upheaval and your father has been charged with corruption, what do you wear when you go to plead against the case? A Chanel brooch, DUH! Priced at about £895 (which isn’t astronomical compared to her other choices albeit it’s the symbolism of wearing an in-your-face luxury item that is worse) , the sartorial choice by Maryam Nawaz surely knows no bound of humbleness, does it?


The infamous Gucci and Bottega


Maryam Nawaz

Perhaps the two things which started the fashion hunt altogether, Maryam’s unapologetic accessory choices like her Gucci sandals and her Bottega Veneta bag – even while being arrested – surely draws our (confused) applause for her! Have to go to Adiala Jail? Wear your most comfortable pair of Gucci’s,  jani. And let’s pull out the green Bottega just for national love.


What do you think of the fashion choices by Maryam Nawaz? Tell us in the comment section below!