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When was the last time you took a moment and asked the women in your life about their daily struggles? Well… we expect on Women’s Day as it was the talk of the town last weekend. But did you ask the right questions?

We live in a fast-paced culture that teaches us to prioritize work above all else. Women, in general, are nurturers who take care of their household and family while multi-tasking professional work. Amidst all these chores, women tend to overlook their personal needs and desires. Their passions and dreams take a back seat. Nestlé Nesvita wants the practice to end by raising the right questions and urging women to put their health first.



Nestlé Nesvita also ran a campaign where women were asked ‘What moves you’ to do more and feel more? Women from different walks of life were sent giveaways and asked what inspires them. While most of them had never thought about it, a few named their career or family as their driving force.



Here are three reasons why it’s high time women should start putting their health first…


1. You are a priority!



Women usually buy health related products when a problem arises. This perception needs to change as their needs are not superfluous; all of them are essential to keep a healthy body and mind. Nesvita is a product which has been intended to prevent diseases like Osteoporosis. The consumption of the product needs to be a part of everyday routine, unlike what it is wrongly perceived to be.

Self-care isn’t a selfish act. Women need to internalize the idea that it’s not right to disregard their health concerns or enlist them at the end of their weekly to-do list. They should not postpone health screenings while they are caught in between family responsibilities and career goals. Women are usually the ones making the healthcare decisions for their loved ones. This can all turn into a vicious cycle as when you ignore your health, it will negatively impact your ability to take care of your loved ones. So, take small steps to ensure your well-being.


2. Build each other



Let’s help each other to build a society where women are empowered beyond their roles as nurturers. We need to ask about their passion and what motivates them to get up and hustle. Nestlé Nesvita’s motto ‘Mein strong, toh Life strong’ encapsulates the very idea that women should take care of their health in order to lead a fulfilling life. We should stand in solidarity with them and ask #WhatMovesYou so that we know their driving force.



3. Act now!



Don’t wait till you hit middle age; your bones are as important today as they will be tomorrow. Calcium deficiency increases with time in a woman’s body. The human body does not store calcium past the age of 30 and women – who already manage jobs, homes and family – also have to give birth in the same age bracket. Hence, they often get lost in the grind and are unable to take care of themselves to lead a fit and healthy life. A simple way to overcome this deficit is to incorporate calcium and vitamin C rich drink in your routine to prevent common diseases and counter deficiencies.

Share with us when was the last time you thought about #WhatMovesYou?