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Getting increasingly intriguing with time, the latest episode of Baaghi focused on another turning point in Kanwal Baloch’s life. After experiencing very rude reality checks, this desperate young girl has gone back to her previous, lewd employer and has agreed to accompany questionable men to events as their arm candy. We see Kanwal receiving lavish gifts, from smartphone to perfumes to branded shoes, but in return for what kind of favours? This is left open to assumption though we’re quite sure there’s nothing honorable about her evolution.

While Kanwal seems to have put on a brave face and quietly does her job, we see her façade break when a video from her recent reality show stint surfaces online. This is the first time we see Kanwal’s involvement with social media and she is evidently shaken by the comments and hate she is receiving.

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This is also when the seed of Kanwal’s future social media stardom is planted, as Rehan tells her how a sensational video can go viral. However, just when we thought this is where Kanwal’s social media fame would begin, she was let down once again by Gohar, her employer, who shatters her confidence and tells her she isn’t good enough. This affects the already emotional Kanwal so deeply that she attempts suicide; thankfully Rehan finds her in time.

The highlight of this very happening episode was the noticeable strength of the bond between Rehan and Kanwal. We see when Kanwal first receives a load of presents she makes sure she had something for Rehan in there too. He is the one who constantly has her back and reassures her that he always will. He literally saves her life and gives her motivation to fight the circumstances and emerge from her problems. It is quite reassuring to see that thankfully there is someone out there in the cruel world who Kanwal can depend on in her time of need.

Every little adversity is helping Kanwal get stronger and we see her evolving into the social media sensation that we knew as Qandeel Baloch. Baaghi is getting more and more engaging as we speak.

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