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Amidst the plethora of plays airing on Pakistani TV channels over the years, only a few have managed to keep the audience reminiscing about them even after ages. One such example is the highly-anticipated sequel to Landa Bazaar, Lal Ishq on A-Plus Entertainment.

With the first episode finally on air, we see a mix of emotions and suspense playing throughout it as the characters are reintroduced and connected to the original. On one hand, we see Chiraguddin and his family, still remembering the murder of Mehr Hukum by Baali (Babar Ali), on the other we see the culprit behind bars about to be released.

With the basic story of Baali’s crime and his punishment in the background, we are introduced to his children, who after Zohra’s death and his incarceration were being raised by Jajji – Baali’s closest friend. Not knowing their real parents, the children treat Jajji (Kashif Mehmood) as their father without knowing the reality of things and his abandonment of Baali, when he needed his best friend the most.

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While the first episode of Lal Ishq sets the story in motion and manages to intrigue the viewer with the meandering narrative, we’re wondering how Baali’s release from jail will affect the lives of not just his own children, but also Chiraguddin’s family.

Will Baali’s return be the end of peace for many? We really think so!

If you wanted a good drama to watch over the weekend, Lal Ishq is the one you should really start watching now.

Check out the first episode here:

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