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With the much-awaited trailer for Verna finally out, it has surely left us in awe of Shoaib Mansoor’s next film. But Verna is no Khuda Kay Liye or even Bol, at least it doesn’t seem like it from the trailer, which appears to be one woman’s journey to avenge her injustice.

It’s evident that the film rides on Mahira Khan’s shoulders and she is shown in yet another unique role; the actress shines as a powerful figure throughout the trailer in the myriad of different avatars that are shown. Whether it’s Mahira as the love-struck woman or the wronged one, she proves the film is about her and all eyes should be on her.

As expected, the trailer flickers through the story of a woman who seems to be a victim of the dark underbelly of Pakistan’s misogynist and corrupt society, where politics and patriarchy become a metaphorical death sentence for women. However, she’s no wall flower; she’s a woman who avenges the evil done to her. The film does seem to raise a voice for women but it does show Haroon Shahid, Mahira’s husband, slapping her and we wonder how that will go down with feminists.


Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid at the trailer launch.


Haroon Shahid is yet another singer that Shoaib Mansoor has turned actor and one looks forward to his performance despite the fact that his skills fluctuate throughout the trailer. Only the film will prove whether Shoaib Mansoor made the right choice here or now. That said, if his singing is any testament to his charisma, we do expect some magic from him.

“The experience was amazing,” Mahira said while speaking to the media at the launch event of the Verna trailer. “My first ever work as an actor was in Bol, so Shoaib Mansoor was actually my first teacher and after that, I’ve worked on so many things. But now it feels like I’ve come back home.”

Verna is all set to release on November 17th  throughout Pakistan.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, see it here: