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With the continuous cat and mouse chase between celebrities and the media, it’s a difficult task to keep projects a secret without someone revealing just a tad too much. One major target of this, of course, has remained none other than Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna.

According to Gulf News, apparently, the acclaimed screenwriter/director had another reason to delay his much-awaited Mahira-Khan-starrer, after the film’s plot ‘leaked’.

Allegedly, a local news-weekly recently printed a curtain-raiser on Verna that briefly mentioned, among other things, the film’s one-liner.

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Apparently, Shoaib Mansoor was so upset that he called everyone associated with the project and gave them an earful. He also told them in strong terms that they should refrain from talking to the media. While all of this may be strange enough to believe, there’s more. According to the daily, the director even started contemplating re-shooting Verna’s climax!

Whether it’s a severe case of paranoia or reality, we guess we’ll have to wait and see.