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With the four-day fashion experience at the FPW Winter Festive 2017 coming to a close, recollections of some solid collections and some not so strong were enough to keep the inner fashionista satiated at most times. However, amongst the spectacle of fashion, we couldn’t help but look at what made the event glitter and what became its slump.

The Highs


With most fashion shows ending at ghastly hours in Pakistan (drawing close to midnight or even later) FPW was surely a breath of fresh air.  Starting at 9 and ending on most days by 10:30, it set the benchmark high and we hope others follow suit. It surely was nice that we were resting in our night-shirts by 11 every day.


While we know nothing tastes as good as skinny – we’ll always have Kate Moss to remind us of that – it was a delight to have the Lux Lounge stocked with hors d’oeuvre’s throughout the evening. From decadent desserts to savouries, The Deli thought of it all, and we’re really glad they did because dots of energy were needed.

New Venue

Although it wasn’t as fashionable as a fashion week venue should be, the Global Marquee had its own set of advantages. Apart from being at a central location, the venue was big enough to accommodate the horde of cameramen and glitterati on the red carpet, who otherwise end up trampling each other. We’re happy to report our Louboutins left unscathed this time around.


Wardha Saleem showcased ‘Dholak’ at FPW Day 2.


Runway to Retail

Introducing a new concept at the FPW, Fashion Pakistan Council provided the audience with the option to buy the collections from Ensemble the very next day. Calling it ‘Runway to Retail’, the idea was to have a mix of prêt and couture that one would actually like to wear. While we can’t say that all collections had that allure, you’ll probably be seeing us at Maheen’s for her The Lion and the Muse collection.

Solo Shows 

With both Shamaeel Ansari and Sana Safinaz opting for solo shows at FPW this year, it proved to be a great platform to showcase impeccable designs. Whether it was Shamaeel’s Turkish inspired ensemble and installations or Sana Safinaz transforming the runway into a whimsical delight, one couldn’t help but be in awe. Here’s hoping that we’ll get to see more of this concept in the upcoming shows by FPC and PFDC.

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The Lows

Zero to Low Celeb Quotient

With a lack of celebs being a part of FPW, the red carpet was simply not glamorous enough. We were glad to see Anoushey Ashraf, Sana Javed, Sonya Hussyn, Sarwat Gilani and Feroze Khan, who managed to bring some star dust to the event but Lahore manages to rope in the Fawad Khan and Ali Zafars amidst a range of high society icons, musicians etc.

 Bad Collections

 A major flaw of the FPW Winter Festive 2017 remained the lineup, which could have been much better had FPW by now won the confidence of big brands. Too many credible names sat it out, which needs to change. To give newcomers a chance is one thing but to have to put up with bad collections from old designers, year after year, is another.


Maheen Khan’s ‘The Lion and The Muse’ on FPW Day 3 was one of the stronger collections



A runway is supposed to be the focal point for any show worldwide. Thus, whether straight, oblong or with different levels, it keeps the audience in check with the runway choreography. However, as unfortunate as it sounds, the FPW runway was tedious. Designed like an anchor, it obstructed the media’s full view, which at the end of the day was counterproductive.