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It’s no secret that like everyone else, we’re fascinated by what every celebrity does and what their beauty routines are. However, behind their looks and glamour also lies a bizarre world which would make you question half the beauty regimens you do and whether they are even worth it. With their perennially glossy locks and glowing skin, there are a few tips and tricks – like drinking tons of water, staying active and eating healthy – that work on them and make sense to us, but most of these rituals are downright weird and somewhat unbelievable.

So, in the name of all things bizarre, we researched some of the slightly odd habits of our favourite red carpet beauties which range from cringe-worthy to crazy!

Shailene Woodley


The star of HBO’s Big Little Lies, the Emmy nominated Shailene Woodley had one secret even we would be scared of. Willing to go through some strange lengths to detox her skin, the actress keeps her belief on eating clay! After listening to some hearsay from a taxi driver, she discovered that “clay is great for you because your body doesn’t absorb it, and it apparently provides a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes.”

Beauty Alternate: While we don’t believe that one has to go to the extent of consuming clay to detoxify, we do feel that the earthy substance is great for your skin. However, instead of just running outside and using ordinary clay, try L’Oreal’s Pure Clay detox mask if you’re looking for a back-to-basics formula without too many bells and whistles.

Katie Holmes



Probably one that you might have already heard of, Hollywood divas like Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria swear by placenta cream to increase their collagen and moisture levels! While one might get highly uneasy by the former Mrs. Cruise’s choice, it apparently works wonders to minimize the effects of aging.

Beauty Alternate: Once again, without going to the extremes of things, a wrinkle-free tightened skin is also possible with Shiseido’s BENEFIANCE Wrinkleresist24 day cream. A 24-hour wrinkle cream that protects from external damage that could potentially result in premature signs of aging, it is made from a mix of extracts and smoothing supplements which makes your skin feel safe and sultry, which is all that you need!

Victoria Beckham


If you’ve ever thought of wanting a beau like David Beckham, you might have to do what Posh Spice does and we warn you, it isn’t the most appealing. Going through a procedure known as a Geisha Facial, Mrs. Beckham gets nightingale faeces rubbed on her face! An ancient Japanese beauty practice that uses bird excretion to brighten skin, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. Psst, Tom Cruise gets this done too!

Beauty Alternate: While Victoria Beckham may have her own choices of crazy masks and regimens, there are some desi products that guarantee an even better face exfoliation and it won’t make you sick thinking of it either! If a bright and exfoliated skin is what you desire, look no further than Saeed Ghani’s very own lavender infused Multani matti (Fuller’s earth), which works wonders, guaranteed.

Cindy Crawford


Probably the least bizarre and creepy in the list, the former supermodel, Cindy Crawford, has a secret of the dairy kind. According to the model, if you don’t have time to drink your milk, spray it on! Mixing a little milk with water and spraying it on her face throughout the day, Cindy may have found the fountain of youth with this trick. Judging by her ageless skin, this just might be one to keep in the books.

Beauty Alternate: Although one really won’t mind using Cindy’s advice, not everyone may have the same effect on their skin as the supermodel. Plus, with all the open bacteria that attacks milk, one really wouldn’t mind harmful bacterium finding their way to open pores! Thus, if you really want some kind of liquid for a dewy fresh face, go with Andalou’s 1000 Roses toner, which instantly refreshes and revitalizes skin’s delicate pH balance and uplifts the tone.

Halle Berry


The former Bond girl has a secret up her sleeve that even Agent 007 would want for himself! You’d be surprised to know that the actress’ anti-cellulite treatment doesn’t come in a fancy tube or tub but in a sealed foil bag. The former beauty queen adds ground coffee to her body wash, through which the caffeine and mild exfoliation helps increase her blood flow and smooth the skin. Now, you know what you can do with your medium roast if you’re not drinking it!

Beauty Alternate: Although Halle Berry’s regimen sounds tempting, the thought of coffee sticking to the body and then rinsing it off sounds like a tedious job. However, if you want to feel fresh with some coffee infusion, roll out of bed and straight into the loving arms of a coffee and chocolate pick-me-up, that is Lush’s Sonic Death Monkey shower gel! While the fresh organic lime juice cleanses and tones, the coffee, cocoa powder and hibiscus flower infusion gets you pumped up and raring to go. If you struggle to rise with the dawn chorus, why not try this one for a fresh morning boost?

This article was originally published in Instep on Sunday, 27th August 2017.