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Okay, so he didn’t take Hamza’s name but when he did comment on “a superstar who went shirtless for another big film” and that description matches no one but Hamza Ali Abbasi. Here’s what Mohsin said…

Na Maloom Afraad 2’s promotions are in full swing and Hania Amir and Mohsin Abbas Haider recently interviewed with BBC Urdu. Speaking to veteran journalist Fifi Haroon, the NMA 2 duo seemed to be having a lot of fun, in a light-hearted way. However, nothing caught our attention more than one of Mohsin’s statements, when he said that he’s Pakistan’s only actor who was featured shirtless on a poster because he has something to show for once.


Moshin Abbas poses shirtless as he records his dubs for NMA 2.

Pulling a gasp out from both Hania and Fifi, the actor went on to say something even juicier!

“In Pakistan’s film revival, a major production released where the superstar of the film had to go shirtless. But he was quite out of shape, so they had to blur the screen out. So we should proudly flaunt because we’ve [Fahad Mustafa] worked hard on it,” Mohsin explained to Fifi Haroon.

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Now, while it may be true that Mohsin and Fahad Mustafa both have worked hard on maintaining their bodies for the film, there was no need to pick on other, relatively unprepared actors. The actor Mohsin is referring to could either be Hamza Ali Abbasi or Humayun Saeed – both of whom were featured in Jawani Phir Nahi Aani on the beach and in the pool. But we think it’s Hamza because we went back and noticed how the pool shots were zoomed in nearer to his face and often blurred.

These are some big words coming from Mohsin, who also made the same statement to Something Haute previously at the trailer launch for NMA 2. While the actor still has to prove his acting mettle on the silver screen, we’re happy that his muscles are giving him an equal, if not better, sense of achievement.