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Before gender-neutral fashion was popular as prêt-wear, its haute couture roots introduced the world to some of the most famous items of clothing today. From the YSL pant-suit for women to Pierre Cardin’s futuristic silhouettes that didn’t conform to gender-specific shaping, it was such designers who changed the game of fashion for the world. However, in Pakistan, only a few trailblazers have managed to bring the true sense of androgynous fashion to the table and Amir Adnan is at the forefront of it with his Fall 2017 collection.

Structured around the confident, independent and unrestricted youth, the Amir Adnan fall collection features the best of both worlds where human variables do not confine fashion. Whether it’s the bold mix of prints vs structured garments, the mix-and-match of silhouettes and cuts make for the perfect millennial who stay ambiguous and free in their sense of life.

If you’re looking at the collection which features 13 bold looks, might we suggest checking out the high Chinese collars which have been coupled with floral prints, which not only will add the Haute factor to your ensemble, but also represent the freedom aesthetic that is all the rage these days. However, if you want to take the experimentation a step further, check out the churidar pajamas that can sit perfectly well with pastel and monochromatic colours or the khusa-hybrid leather slip-ons which are not to be missed.

With an aim to bring a collection that is unconventional in its aesthetic, Amir Adnan has taken the sense of androgyny up a notch, and it’s surely a welcome style in Pakistani fashion while staying true to the roots. After all, who wouldn’t want an easy-to-wear collection in their armoire?

Here’s a fun sneak peek:

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