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With Independence Day celebrations in full swing in the Subcontinent, singers in both Pakistan and India have taken an initiative to wish each other in the way they know best; singing each other’s national anthem.

Initially, it all started with Indian band Voxchord, who sang Pakistan’s national anthem as a gift for our Independence Day, but, then took a turn for the better when it received wide acclaim from people in India and Pakistan and turned into an incubator for more ideas.

An initiative then, by a Facebook page called Voice of Ram ­– which advocates peace and humanity came about, where singers from both sides of the borders made a video which features 13 singers singing both national anthems together.

The ‘Peace Anthem’ begins with Pak Sar Zameen which is then followed by Indian anthem Jana Gana Mana. It features Pakistani singers Natasha Baig, J Ali, Alycia Dias and Zeeshan Ali.

Filmmaker and activist Ram Subramanian, who heads Voice of Ram, told Catch News that he chose to do “these videos because a lot of people are afraid to speak about peace and it’s an illogical fear.”

Wishing harmony and peace to each other, what could be a better way to celebrate our collective independence?