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In a country where divides are given more importance than similarities, there are a few who celebrate the concept of being one under the flag regardless of caste, creed or religion. Such is the example of Khaadi, whose latest video ‘Main Bhi Pakistan Hoon’ celebrates the 70th celebration of Pakistan’s Independence with reminding us about the white in the flag.

Creating a kaleidoscopic view of the ranges of people that thrive in Pakistan, Khaadi celebrates life in Pakistan in its truest sense of diversity. Featuring vocals and prose by Meesha Shafi, the powerful rendition of Muhammad Ali Sheikhi’s classic resonates beautifully.

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Delivering its message simplistically, the video serves as a great example that you really don’t need tons of glamour to sell the concept of patriotism. It exists inside us if evoked naturally, and Khaadi surely did the trick with reminding us that the fabric of our existence is in all our nuances.

If you haven’t seen Khaadi’s ‘Main Bhi Pakistan Hoon‘ video yet, check it out here and see if you can find some similar faces!