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Spoiler: the writer is a Shah Rukh Khan fan so haters can look for Kamaal R Khan’s review on YouTube.

I’m listening to the soundtrack of Jab Harry Met Sejal on a loop and every song transports me to beautiful Europe; it feels like I’m running with the windmills, dancing like a ‘Butterfly’, blowing in the ‘Hawayein’ and in the ‘Beech Beech Mein’ of all of this there are beats of ‘Radha’ that make this ‘Safar’ ever more enjoyable.

I can’t understand what the pseudo intellectual critics (I want to say assholes but resist the urge) who ripped the movie apart expected from it. What was the Raula all about? It’s a classic, feel good Shah Rukh Khan chick flick that features Anushka Sharma in an extremely entertaining avatar. But people, nay ‘critics’, wanted to connect the dots between Jab We Met and Jab Harry Met Sajal and derive some celestial kind of deliverance from a Bollywood song and dance fiesta.

Harry is standard Shah Rukh Khan, a slightly brooding hero who dwells on his past and resists every possibility of finding happiness. His romance is bittersweet but we know he has a heart of gold and he fits his character like a glove. Is his persona a stereotype? It is. But we love it all the same and want to say, Jee Ve Sohaneya.


Khan’s romance is bittersweet but we know he has a heart of gold and he fits his character like a glove.

 Is there any depth in the film? There isn’t and the storyline (as Harry says right in the beginning) is silly. But we are looking at a dumbed down generation that follows the Kardashians and goes by Instagram numbers so then why make an exception and ask for Tagore when you’re reading Archie Comics? And come on, we’ve all enjoyed Archie Comics! This isn’t Imtiaz Ali’s best but it’s a good two hours of entertaining film. I went with a group of friends (not all of them SRK fans) and they were just as happy, humming the songs and taking in the picturesque locales. Prague is definitely on my bucket list at least.

Fan and Raees were hardcore but Harry was quintessential SRK and allowed us to fall in love with the man who gave us countless hours of joyful romance all over again. This is the SRK that will stay with us, Yaadon Mein. And anyone who disagrees can go Phurrrr…