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Imagine a blazing sun, golden sands, girls in bikinis and a good tune. Now, imagine all of that with Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Javed Sheikh dancing to a song titled ‘Chal Hug Lay.’ Yes, that’s right. In the world of double entendres and toilet humour, the latest to hit us is Na Maloom Afraad 2’s interestingly titled soundtrack – which as much as it hurts to admit – is actually not bad !

Shot in Cape Town, where most of the film’s climax is based, ‘Chal Hug Lay’ features the trio frolicking at the beach where a ‘Hug Day’ party (can there be anymore innuendo?) takes place. Visualised as one would expect in any Nabeel Qureshi film – loud, colourful, and youthful – the cinematography sits perfectly with the lyrics, which are provided by Shani Arshad and Team NMA, themselves.

However, all visuals and lyrics aside, the song makes us wonder if the heroines of the film play an important role in the film, as neither ‘Chal Hug Lay‘ nor ‘Kaif-O-Suroor’ shows them anywhere. While we’re still giving the benefit of the doubt to the filmmakers over this (for now), we sincerely hope that isn’t the case in the actual film!

Back to ‘Hug Lay,‘ it is low brow and borderline tacky but people in search of a good desi party anthem (and don’t mind the potty humour) may just like it.