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Remember when all was good in the world – or at least in the Pakistani film industry – and then Chain Aye Na’s trailer was bestowed upon us? Well, that is surely one memory everyone’s still trying to repress, but alas, easier said than done. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, the filmmakers of the much-awaited flick, just released the official video for the title track and it’s a whole new level of low-pro.

Okay, so the song itself (just the audio) isn’t so bad and channels 80s Lollywood film music. The video, however, kills it.

First and foremost, we can’t help but ask about what’s up with all those blown-up images of Sarish Khan in Shehroz Sabzwari’s room? If that doesn’t raise some stalker alarms, then we surely have a problem, because, infatuation is one thing, but taking creepy photos at a mehndi and putting them in your room is next-level scary.

We’re not feeling the love

However, not all is bad in the song and we might just agree that it has some catchy tunes to override our initial response to blatant stalking. But, really, the positive remarks may as well just end after this.

Getting back to Sabzwari’s head-over-heels love for Khan in the video, we find him deep in his imagination – almost as if this was a shoestring remake of Inception, but instead of cool shots, we have a montage of Sarish and Adil Murad frolicking in what seems like a sad excuse for a mall and an even sadder excuse of PDA.

If you still have the energy left in you to watch the video further, may we suggest the scene where it seems like Behroz Sabzwari’s finally going to put some sense into Shehroz but then just stops? That’ll surely do the trick to just stop watching. However, if you’re brave enough, here’s the latest video from the film: