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Ali Zafar and TV actor Maya Ali will soon be seen on the big screen in the highly-anticipated movie – Teefa in Trouble. The movie is releasing on July 20th but the team has already begun promotions and quite zealously, might we add.

Ali took to Twitter last night (Sunday) to let his fans know that it was about ‘time’ to get to know Anya — Maya’s character in the film. While fans have mostly witnessed the Mann Mayal actor in depressing roles, the video shared by Ali shows a chirpy Maya along with some interesting revelations about her character.



What’s Anya’s age and where’s she from?

Anya is 23 years old and lives in Warsaw, Poland although she is originally from Lahore. A special quality of hers? She’s tough and intelligent and keeps cool even when it’s hot.



She keeps it easy in hot weather

We have also discovered that she loves dressing cool and casual in summer. Quite a fashionista!



She’s always on the go!

Anya is a Sagittarius and a total travel freak, however her favourite vacation spot is her motherland: Lahore.



She will not let you break her so easily

Yes! Anya is smart, tough and independent. Someone anyone can fall in love with easily.




What’s on her mind?

She loves listening to Norah Jones, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift all day long. She also loves to work out and starts her day with a morning run. Lastly, and interestingly, she loves salads as much as she loves pizzas!



Here’s the complete video:


Teefa in Trouble is a romantic action comedy which is the directorial debut of Ahsan Rahim, who is known for directing several popular music videos and TV commercials. The teaser — which was released a couple of months ago — showed Ali in the role of a gangster who has a heart of gold and a great sense of humour; and also a penchant for designer wardrobe.