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Not only does our entertainment industry produce some amazing dramas every year, but their soundtracks also have a fanbase of their own. A great theme song can leave viewers humming long after the credits roll. In fact, sometimes, it’s the OST that gets our attention and tempts us to watch a particular play.

A good soundtrack captures the drama’s soul and here are 10 truly unforgettable OSTs that released this year and made it to our playlist:



Mushk is not only making waves for its powerful story-telling, its theme track also has some of the best lyrics. Sung brilliantly by Ali Zafar, the lyrics have been penned by Aehsun Talish, the director of the play.




Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig make a great team! We’ve seen the two weave magic with their craft and this collaboration is no different. A very soulful track that you can listen to, on repeat.



Ali Sethi has a soulful voice and this OST is further proof. The lyrics define life in general, and Ali’s vocals add depth to the composition. The drama was amazing and the theme song is no less than a masterpiece.


Pyar Ke Sadqay

This song has a vital part to play in this project’s promotion and in garnering the viewers’ attention. The beat is different than usual OSTs and Ahmad Jahanzaib and Mahnoor Khan’s voice reminds you of the old simple filmy music.




Everything about this song and drama was worth the hype. Sung beautifully by Shuja Haider and Momina Mustehsan, the spiritual lyrics leave a lasting impact on the listeners. The song and drama had the potential to change hearts.



Raaz e Ulfat

The official soundtrack of the drama is a beautiful melody that shows all signs of a true love story. Sung by Shani Haider and Aima Baig, the lyrics are soulful and worth appreciating.



Raqs e Bismil

Even before the drama goes on air, the soundtrack has gotten the viewers’ anticipation and excitement to a whole different level. Sung by Vicky Akbar, the lyrics speak of love and passion.



While Pakistani tv dramas are already known to have a huge following, the recently released shot films on the digital channel See Prime have also proved to be praiseworthy. Not only are the plots unconventional, but their OSTs are also equally unique and interesting.


Dancing Doll

The almost 20-minute film is beautifully layered and the soundtrack creates a strong impact, helping deliver the message. The powerful lyrics and composition are by Jawad Haider and Fizzah Javaid’s voice adds the needed intensity to the track.



Naam Kya Rakha?

Khabar-e- Tahayyur-e-Ishq is a classic ghazal sung by Ali Abbas Khan. This hugely popular ghazal has deep meanings and is full of emotions; exactly what this short film needed.



Paying Guest

Like the OST of TV drama Pyar Ke Sadqay, this too has a tune that’ll remind you of old Indian classics. Sung by Rose Marry, there’s absolutely nothing that we do not like about this track.