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In a world that constantly represses the oppressed, there are those who use their voice to bring a positive change in society. One such example is the currently running campaign Change The Clap, which aims to stop transphobia in Pakistan.

Featuring Kami Sid amongst other known transgender personalities, the initiative is being spearheaded by the Asian Pacific Transgender Network. The campaign video brilliantly focuses on changing ‘ridicule into applause’ by showing how you can use your voice to be with the community rather than against them.

With the video piquing interest in Pakistan, it already has garnered some celeb interest as well, with names like Ayesha Omar, Ahmed Ali Butt, Hussain Rehar, and Juggun Kazim becoming a part of it.

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So, do you think you’ll be part of the change? We know we are!

Check out Change The Clap campaign video here: