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Yes, we know. Momina Mustehsan is the girl who stole everyone’s heart with Coke Studio 9’s rendition of ‘Afreen Afreen‘, originally sung by the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. And that’s all that we’ve known about her since she went viral, that she can sing and is pretty. But Momina has recently proven that she is much more than that and we are suddenly looking at the pop icon in a different light.

For starters, Momina Mustehsan is the only Pakistani woman to be on BBC’s list of 100 Influential Women of the year (so far). While the complete list has not been revealed yet, Momina has marked her spot as the only Pakistani woman to be named this year.

The singer is also one of the few ‘real’ celebrities in the country by opening up to her followers about her struggle with depression, explaining how she was binge-eating through depression till she one day read a fortune cookie. “The quote that helped me the most with my life was: It only gets better when you get better. Would you believe I found this on the inside of a New York takeaway fortune cookie when I was binge-eating my way through depression? That woke me up,” is the quote shared by Momina on BBC’s website.

It must also be noted that Momina is one of the only teen pop icons of the country. There are very few celebrities that actually resonate with the younger population of the country but Momina is one of them and we’re glad to see that she uses her influence very wisely. She’s honest, straightforward and opinionated and we often see her standing up for other women. Case in point, Mahira Khan’s recent controversy in which pictures of her taking a smoke break with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor went viral, inviting a lot of hate and negativity. Momina was quick to lend her support to Mahira.

Let’s also not forget that Momina was part of UN Women’s ‘Beat Me’ campaign that aimed to address the issue of domestic violence in the country.

Momina Mustehsan

There you have it. It’s no wonder that this lady is soaring higher and higher in terms of popularity and that is why Momina Mustehsan is Something Haute‘s cover star of the month!