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Around this time last year, Mawra’s fans rejoiced when it was announced that the actress would finally be making her debut in a Pakistani film. Directed by Saqib Malik, the film was also going to star musician Umair Jaswal. However, a year has passed since the announcement was made, and we have heard nothing of the film. We reached out to Mawra to update us on when the project will come around, and what is causing the delay.

“That film is not happening at the moment, because of some technical reasons,” she revealed. “The script is under process,” she added, talking about other issues.

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Do these things really take this long to come around, we wondered?

“I thought the announcement was made too early, but you know how social media is these days. Projects aren’t ready to begin but the announcement is made way beforehand. I thought this was like a lesson for us, that we should personally step in to stop early announcements. But usually, I don’t intrude in these matters,” Mawra said.

The actress recently starred in the hit serial Sammi, and holistically speaking the big screen should be her next big step. So with this project currently on hold, is Mawra looking for a new project to make her local on-screen debut?

“Actors never look for projects!” Mawra confidently stated.

But what kind of role is Mawra aiming for? We have seen her play the sad victim way too often, and believe she is capable of so much more.

“There is so much that I cannot even list it down! I’ve only just started, and I think the only thing that I’ve explored is crying. I want to do action, comedy, filmi, romantic and every possible genre,” the actress concluded.