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She’s young, she’s talented, she’s beautiful and she can dance just as well as she can cry on screen. Maya Ali is our haute new favourite star – we’ve been die-hard fans post Teefa in Trouble – and we were delighted when we caught up with her recently, backstage at the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week in Lahore.

Maya was walking for Nomi Ansari, a close friend whose designs she often wears, and incidentally, Nomi had also named his collection ‘Maya‘. Though the ‘Maya‘ Nomi refers to literally means ‘illusion’ we felt it had something to do with his muse, Maya Ali.

“Everything. I just love everything about Nomi,” Maya spoke exclusively with Something Haute before moving backstage to prep for the show. “His nature, his outfits, his collection and specially that he’s very caring.”

How do you feel that he’s named his collection after you, we asked.

“Honestly, he called me about two to three weeks ago and said he was going to name his collection Maya. I asked him if he was kidding; are you sure? But when he sent me the pictures I felt, Oh God,” she said it was wow! “But let me tell you something,” she elaborated. “The collection has actually not been named after me; Nomi had thought of many things that went into it. He just liked the name Maya; I also like the name Maya,” she smiled, after signing off as she was stressing over the show.