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Human beings are instinctively skeptical of things they don’t understand. Call it self-preservation or plain old ignorance, but keyboard warriors abound in the world today.

So before you launch into a debate about, “what good does closing your eyes and taking pictures do?”, let us explain how Pepsi’s ‘Liter of Light’ is more than just a feel good campaign.

These images are flooding the internet. Fawad Khan, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Mehwish Hayat, Wasim Akram, Sajal Aly, Ayesha Omar, Tapu Javeri and countless others have taken the time to close their eyes and take a picture. The idea behind this social media campaign, called Eyes Closed for Light, is to experience total darkness for a few minutes in order to empathize with those who experience it every day, due to the lack of electricity in their homes.


“I can’t imagine living in darkness but millions of people in Pakistan do each day without any access to light. I stand with Pepsi and you should too!” – Mehwish Hayat


Tapu Javeri also lent his support to Pepsi’s latest campaign.


Why are celebrities doing this? Because they have a voice and the power to reach a huge audience in order to spread awareness. Pepsi’s latest commercial featuring Noman Ejaz and Mansha Pasha illustrated this reality for us. The ad shows the life of a villager who finds it difficult to get back home in the mountains after the sun sets because he cannot see in the dark. His family lights the road back home with the help of bulbs made using empty Pepsi bottles.


Pepsi’s Liter of Light commercial features Noman Ejaz and Mansha Pasha.


These solar bottle bulbs are affordable and easy to make, which means they are a perfect solution for the more impoverished areas of the country.

The more bottles you buy, the more bulbs Pepsi can install in areas without access to electricity and almost unrelenting darkness. With the Eyes Closed for Light campaign, more and more people are becoming aware of how to become part of the solution, and spread the light.


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