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I first met Haya Lutfullah at a group exhibition in Karachi last year and left with a lasting impression of how artistic she was. Here was a young art student – Haya graduated in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martins, London in 2016 – who was conceptualizing whatever she created rather than making whatever would sell. She would take one of her favourite paintings, deconstruct it and develop very creative pieces of art (that is what I would call her jewellery) as collections. Handcrafted and plated in 24-carat gold, her collections were contemporary and unique expressions of her vision.

Born and raised in Karachi, Haya studied at St Martins and returned to establish her eponymous jewellery brand. We thought she’d be a great brand to collaborate with on the Haute Shop.

Here’s why…


Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s art, this ring is called Cyan and to us, inspires freedom and flight.


Creating conceptual jewellery, a novel idea in Pakistan, gives the Haya Lutfullah name a distinct persona. Haya’s thoughts, beliefs, ideas, values and past experiences are artistically expressed in her jewellery collections. Each piece, hand-made to perfection, is far more than ornamentation – it is a work of thought-provoking art. Behind the brand is also a philanthropic cause – Haya drives underprivileged women towards socio-economic empowerment by engaging them in the art of making metal jewellery.


These earrings, inspired by Jason Calder’s ‘Balloons’ have delicate movement and are a collector’s piece.


Haya rose to international fame after showcasing her previous collections in Karachi and London. Her latest collection, ‘Untitled’, presents seven distinct 24K gold-plated pieces. The collection is inspired by a painting each by Alexander Calder and Jackson Pollock. Each piece of jewellery is a deconstruction of an element of the painting it is inspired by.


Jackson Pollock’s modern art inspires these designs, which are contemporary and chic.


According to Haya, “in the chaos of the everyday mental entanglement of always moving forward and doing things right, we try and find balance between what we want and how it’s done.”

The collection is available exclusively at Haute Shop. View it here.