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One can never tire of Fawad Khan so when we heard of his grand ‘beard cutting ceremony’ – yes, it was a thing in Lahore last night (details coming up) – we were anxious to know more.

Fawad had a stubble in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil but the formerly clean shaven star only started to grow that bulk of a beard when he signed up for Maula Jatt. One saw his transformation, from a suave Asher Hussain (Humsafar) to a super skinny Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore (Khoobsurat) to the complicated Rahul Kapoor in Kapoor & Sons. And since last year, Fawad had been growing into his role as Maula Jatt, quite literally.

And then we saw a picture that said, ‘Maula gone’ to find out that the clean shaven star had returned, ahead of his three-week winter break with his family.

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“I met a new Fawad Khan last night,” Ammara Hikmat, Executive Producer Maula Jatt shared, laughing. “We shook hands after he came out of the bathroom to say he was there for us!!!”

Welcome to the Fawad Khan beard cutting ceremony!



Will Elayna recognize me?


Almost there…


The ‘beard cutting ceremony’ was quite a moment for the team and was planned over dinner and theatrics. But, according to sources close to the super star, there was one worry on his mind. Although Fawad was all too eager to shave off the massive beard, he was apprehensive that his daughter Elayna would not recognize him without it.

“You can say that he didn’t want to shave off his beard for one girl,” sources quoted. “And that was Elayna!”

So apparently once the beard was off and Fawad emerged from the bathroom, to much applause, he went straight to Elayna. She was curious, until he said, “Baby…” and she instantly responded to his voice with a “Baba…”, stretching out her arms to be picked up.

That was the endearing, happy ending we were all hoping for!